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App features

Discover Logistik Assistent App features 

Digital delivery note

With 'Logistik Assistent', you can easily edit and print the delivery notes digitally.

Digtale signature

With our application, your customers can very easily digitally sign the delivery notes.

Driving license check

To register at the 'Logistics Assistant', the driver only has to hold his driver's license to the tablet. With this type of registration, the driver does not have to remember complex passwords. Furthermore, a daily driver's license check is carried out automatically.

Electronic recording of working hours

The working time recording function makes it very easy to control working hours. This makes the work transparent and effective - employees do not have to fill out complicated forms.


The navigation in the vehicle takes place via the integrated in the tablet navigation solution for trucks. The driven route, as well as the current location can be viewed by the disposition on a map at any time.

GPS tracker

Thanks to our integrated live GPS tracker, your disposition will be very easy organize and control the vehicles.

Scan products

The mobile scanner can read up to 700 RFID chips per second. The maximum reading distance is 6m.

Card payment


Easy communication

With our application, Dispo can communicate with the drivers easily. You are allowed to send texts and pictures.

Automated processes

We have already digitized the following documents and we can accept other challenges: Order types, Single, Interval, Purchasing, Inspection, Projects, / Order service checks, Documentation, Tagelohnzettel, Prüfprotokoll, Touren Liste.

Do you need anything else?

If you have not found the functionality you are looking for, contact us and tell us about it. We can certainly help you to digitize the manual processes. All our logistics assistant functionalities have been created at the request of our customers. We look forward to your inquiry under or +49 30 86870 7781